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100 Ton machine Blaze 1000-II loaded to container for NPE2018 show

Mar. 12, 2018

The plastic injection molding machine 100 Ton model no. BLAZE 1000-II prepared for NPE2018 was loaded into contain this morning. The whole loading time is less than half hour although we have 25 packages of goods including machine, robot, catalog, poster, samples of plastic products.

100 Ton machine Blaze 1000-II loaded to container for NPE2018 show


After two months of careful preparation, the machines has passed all tests including mechanic, electronic, hydraulic system test. We have detected all actions and signals after more than 5000 times void running. So we believe this machine will run directly after NPE2018 exhibtion. If you are interested, please come to visit our booth.No. W9242.  The one who come first will get the machine first. Or you can contact us now for pre-booking firstly.  


Importantly: we have upload one video to youtube.




From this video, you can see the machine’s injection and clamping actions.


Except for the main machine, one robot was also loaded. During the plastics show of NPE2018, we will install the robot on the plastic injection machine. So please do come to visit our booth . W9242. You will see bright new machine with robot.


If you need promotion code for registering NPE.org.

Please go ahead to read our previous page:  http://www.fuhrung.com/news-events/welcome-to-npe2018.html


You can find our promotion code or registering link for free registration.. 

As per schedule, the ship will departure from Ningbo on 15th,March, 2018. And it will be on the sea for almost one month. Then after 1 week’s custom clearance in Miami, USA, the container will be sent to Orange County Convention Center, Florida, USA.   

And our sales team will also go for OCCC around 3rd, May. And their return time will be around 15th, May. So if you have any plan to meet our team, please reserve our time as early as possible.. 

Looking forward to your kind visit!!!