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01 Unique features of machines VIEW MORE

We strongly suggest you to take time to finish reading this part. It is very important for you to make right choice of our machines.. We will show you why our IMM machines are unique and different from others Chinese plastic injection molding machines. Now keep “? “ in your brain.

Machine being as a whole body, it is like a huge but simple robot with control system, executive units. For plastic injection molding machine, we divide its working system mainly into four units as injection unit, clamping unit, electric unit, hydraulic unit. If these four units can work in good coordination, then the machine can work well.  

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clamping unit advantages.jpg

02 Function list VIEW MORE

Standard Fuhrung series machines can be used in most plastic injection engineering process for daily-use item, electric appliance, car parts, industrial fittings,etc. But with improvement of living standard, today people have more and higher demand in accuracy plastic parts, thin-wall plastic components, large plastic items, etc. Furthermore, modern scientific technology bring more possibilities on using complicated engineering plastics. Thus optional functions of plastic injection molding machines are necessary to catch up with these changes. Fuhrung series machines use modulization design which help our machines be future-proofing. Based on standard machines, we accept orders for custom-made machines and provide more optional functions for injection units, clamping units, electric units, and others. Customers from different countries can choose different functions as per quality level, output, cost, etc. 


03 Model & Parameter & Sizes VIEW MORE

Currently, we have 12 models of plastic machines including Blaze 1000-II, Blaze 1400-II, Blaze 1700-II, Blaze 2100-II, Blaze 2600-II, Blaze 3200-II, Blaze 4000-II, Blaze 5000-II, Blaze 6000-II, Blaze 8800-II, Blaze 11000-II, Blaze 13000-II. These numbers of 1000,1400, 1700, … means 1000kN, 1400kN, 1700kN … in clamping force. For example, Blaze 1000-II refers to 1000kN machine or 100Ton machines. Blaze 4000-II refers to 4000kN machine or 400Ton machines. In this page, you will find all models and technical parameters as well as platen sizes.


04 Main Parts Configuration list VIEW MORE

On the base of strong machine body, Fuhrung series injection molding machines are equipped with world-class top quality parts for electric system and hydraulic system. As you know, computer, motor, oil pump, valves, air switches, limit switches, sealings, hydraulic hose is very important for a good and excellent machine. So we collected all customers’ feedback in the past years and finally prepare standard and optional solutions for our customer. Clients can have wider selection of parts from our supplier partners. Our standard configuration is based on comprehensive consideration of economic cost and running performance. You can choose it without worry. If you require higher quality level and have more budget, you can replace these key parts with optional configuration by adding limited cost. 


05 Download Quotation Now VIEW MORE

We prepared detailed quotation list for each model. These quotation are pdf files which can be easily downloaded and read in adobe reader.. In each quotation, except for features, function, configuration list, we prepared more details for each model in order to help you get full knowledge of Fuhrung series machines. Now download quotations for you to choose qualified plastis injection molding machines.