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Main Parts Configuration list

Main Parts Configuration list

Servo   System
Controller   KEBA(Austria)
Servo   MotorPHASE(ITALY)
Servo   DriveINOVANCE        
Oil   PumpECKERLE   (Germany) or SUMITOMO (Japan )

Stroke   transducerNOVO   or FLTECH(Germany)
BreakerEATON (USA)   OR Schneider(France)
ContactorEATON (USA)   OR Schneider(France)
Air   SwitchSchneider   (France )
Location   /Speed SensorSchneider   (France )

Hydraulic Unit
Hydraulic   Direction Valve REXROTH(Germany) OR YUKEN (Japan) 
Proportion   back-pressure valveNorth   man (Taiwan)
Plasticizing   hydraulic MotorDAN   DUN or ZHONGYI (ITALY)
Hydraulic HoseMANULI(ITALY)   or GOOD YEAR (USA)
Hydraulic Sealing ringAll   Italy

OthersUnitMechanical   safetyStandard
Electric   safetyStandard
Mold   close fastStandard  
Injection   Unit Linear   guide-way
Air   coreOption 
Hydraulic   CoreOption
T slots and screw holesStandard  
Servo system Compared   with the other manufacturers is big, Overload ability   strong and stable.