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Injection molding machine in Cairo Egypt

Sep. 21, 2018

Today Leadway Führung Plastic Machinery is in Cairo Egypt for showing our servo injection molding machines. Plastic injection machines 100Ton is on the site of the booth.

servo injection molding machine 100Ton 210Ton 280Ton

This Trade fair called as CHINA EGYPT TRADE FAIR which bring many Chinese manufacturers to Cairo city. China and Egypt are very history-long countries. Both countries has kept good relations which benefit businessmen from both countries, especially for the current instable world situation because of USA MR.TRUMP. As plastic injection machines manufacturer, we are very serious at Egyptian Market whose injection molding technology is blooming now. Egypt plastic industry grows up very fast. We hope to find agent or representative in Egypt for injection molders. We welcome any one who are professional in plastic injection molding to visit us and discuss cooperation..  We are waiting for you.

china egypt injection molding machines

This Trade fair will be open from 21st, to 23rd, September, 2018. Move Now!