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Model & Parameter & Sizes

Blaze 1100-II

Blaze 1000-II

Blaze 1000-II 100Ton Plastic injection molding machine

Noted: This model has been upgraded to BLAZE 1100-II 110 Ton plastic injection molding machines since June, 2018.

Model Blaze 1100-II is referring to Blaze series second generation plastic injection molding machine. Its clamping force is 1100kN or 110 ton. Maximum shot weight is 194 gram or 6.8oz. Tie-bar distance is 420*370mm. Suitable for most small volume plastic parts or plastic components.

In this page, you will get below information:

1.Technical parameter

2.Platen sizes

3.Standard configuration list 

4.Standard and optional function list

5.Machines pictures

6.Instruction on use of 110 ton plastic injection molding machines

1.Technical Parameter of Blaze 1100-II 110 Tonnage injection molding machines

Model UnitBLAZE   1000-Ⅱ
International   size rating
Clamping Unit

Clamping   force                KN1000
Opening   stroke               mm 345
Space between   tie-bars(H×V)  mm 420×370
Max.mold   height              mm 380
Min mold   height                mm 150
Ejector   stroke                mm 100
Ejector   force                mm 33

Injection Unit
Screw   diameter                 mm303540
Screw L/D   ratio               L/D222017.5
Theoretical   shot volume      cm³106164214
Shot   weight                  g96149195
Injection   rate               g/s67.491.7119.8
Injection   pressure            Bar236317361329
Plasticing   capacity        g/s8.213.917.3
Screw   speed                 rpm0-211

Max.pump   pressure            Bar175
Drive   power                   Kw12
Heating   capacity               Kw6.8
Machine   dimensions              m4.1×1.1×1.8
Machine   weight                  t3.7
Hopper   capacity                Kg25
Oil tank   capacity               L150

2.Platen size of BLAZE 1100-II 110 Ton (was 100 Ton)plastic injection machine

Blaze 1000-II

3.Standard Function and configuration lists

-Fuction list of Injection Unit 

Standard B   screw
Other size   screw
Bimetallic   screw and barrel
Stainless   steel screw
Chroming screw
Hardness screw
Needle valve   nozzle (SVN)
Hydraulic  /    Pneumatic shut off nozzle
Double   cylinder injection structure
Bigger or   smaller injection seat
Bigger   hydraulic motor
Electrical   pre-plasticizing
Injection   transducer control
Nozzle   transducer
Screw rotation   speed display
Feed zone temp   automatic control
Normal heat   bands
Ceramic heat   bands
Electromagnetic   heater
Auto purge   function
Cold start   protection function
Nozzle cover
Feeding   platform
Injection unit   centralized lubrication
Injection unit   centralized automatic lubrication
Proportional   backpressure
Accumulator   fast injection
Servo valve

Noted: ■ ---standard  □---optional  ※---not available

            All the above function lists are subject to change without notification.

-Function list of clamping unit

CLAMPING       UNIT110Ton 
T-slot mold   platen
Screw hole   platen
Magnet platen
Extend mold   height
Adjustable   movable platen support   device
Auto-adjustment   movable platen   support device
Mechanical   & electric interlock   device
Mold open   & close and ejector   transducer   control
Product   dropdown chute with sensor
Good / bad   parts selector
Mold Thickness   auto-adjustment   function
Clamping force   indication
Clamping force   with close loop   & indication
Widened safety   door
Automatic   safety door
Safety pedal   in mold area
Mould Hanger
Quantitative   automatic centralized   lubrication
Progressive   (PRG) lubrication   system
Fixed platen   water distributor
Fast-connector   water distributor
Glass   waterflow regulator
Hydraulic /   Electric rotation   demould
Air blast
Core pull  
Hydraulic   unscrew device
Unscrewing   counter sensor
Mold opening   stroke mechanical   limited device
Proportional   valve for mold open   & close 
Simultaneous   movement (use PQ2)
Simultaneous   movement (use single   pump )
Hydraulic shut   off control for hot   runner nozzle
Heat   insulating plate

Noted: ■ ---standard  □---optional  ※---not available

            All the above function lists are subject to change without notification.

-Function list of hydraulic unit

Servo motor   system
Variable pump
Fixed pump
DFEE pump
Increase Oil   pump or motor power
Increase   cooler capacity
Hydraulic   safety interlock
Oil   temperature indication
Oil   temperature regulation
Oil level   alarm 
Hydraulic oil   pre-heating 
Oil tank   magnet
By-pass filter
High pressure   in-line filter
Low pressure   return oil filter 
External   filter interface
Self-seal   magnetic suction filter

-Function list of Electric unit

Techmation   controller
KEBA   controller
100 sets mold   data saving system
Real time   working condition monitor
Monitoring for   production data
Fault alarm
Hardware   input/output monitoring 
Euromap 12   robot interface
Euromap 67   robot interface 
Three color   tower lighter with alarm
Electric motor   overload protection
Emergency stop   for safety door
Solidstate   Relay (SSR) heating
Power socket   3P+2(6A)
Power socket   3P+2 (32A)
Single phase   power socket (10A) 
Euromap power   socket 3P+2(16A) 
Euromap power   socket 3P+2(32A)  
Single phase   Euromap power socket(10A)
Hot runner   control and interface 
Leadway   network management system

Noted: ■ ---standard  □---optional  ※---not available

            All the above function lists are subject to change without notification.

-Function list of others

OTHERS 110Ton 
Anchor plate   and bolt 
Leveling pads,   Manual 
Tool box, Easy   broken parts
Mold clamp
Steel   hopper 
Stainless   steel hopper
Hopper   dryer 
Hopper magnet
Special color   (Pantone No. necessary)
Higher machine   base
Mold   temperature controller
Fumigated   wooden case 
Plateform for   ready products

Noted: ■ ---standard  □---optional  ※---not available

            All the above function lists are subject to change without notification.

4.Main Parts Configuration list

Servo   System
Controller  Techmation (Taiwan) or KEBA(Austria)
Servo   MotorPHASE(ITALY)
Servo   DriveINOVANCE        
Oil   PumpECKERLE   (Germany) or SUMITOMO (Japan )

Stroke   transducerNOVO   or FLTECH(Germany)
BreakerEATON (USA)   OR Schneider(France)
ContactorEATON (USA)   OR Schneider(France)
Air   SwitchSchneider   (France )
Location   /Speed SensorSchneider   (France )

Hydraulic Unit
Hydraulic   Direction Valve REXROTH(Germany) OR YUKEN (Japan) 
Proportion   back-pressure valveNorth   man (Taiwan)
Plasticizing   hydraulic MotorDAN   DUN or ZHONGYI (ITALY)
Hydraulic HoseMANULI(ITALY)   or GOOD YEAR (USA)
Hydraulic Sealing ringAll   Italy

OthersUnitMechanical   safetyStandard
Electric   safetyStandard
Mold   close fastStandard  
Injection   UnitLinear   guide-way
Air   coreOption 
Hydraulic   Core puller1sets standard
T slots and screw holesStandard  
Servo system Compared   with the other manufacturers is big, Overload ability   strong and stable.

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