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We have developed two types of injection molding machines.

Difference of injection machines between Mono-cylinder and Double cylinder

We have developed two types of injection molding machines. One with mono-cylinder, another one is double-cylinder. Mono cylinder is high end injection machines for high precision and high speed injection but with high cost. So we have double-cylinder plas

Glossary of Plastic Injection Molding Terms

More than 20 pages of plastic injection molding terms. This content is from internet. We found it is very good and helpful to some people as a new student in this field. So we show it here. If any copyright problem, please inform us, we will stop to show

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Catalog of Fuhrung plastic injection molding machine

the latest catalog and also the newest version of Ningbo Leadway Fuhrung series plastic injection machines printed in March 2nd, 2018. Its content includes company profile, features and advantages of machines, function list, technical parameter and model

Catalog of Leadway Fuhrung servo energy injection machines (June,2018)

This catalog is updated in June, 2018. In this new catalog, we improved clamping force and mold thickness. By these modification, our users will have bigger machines for bigger molds. This one is newest till you find new catalog from downloading center.